CASINO MIAMI is the outcome of a dream inspired by two Jewelry families joining forces to create the most exclusive Pawn-Lending and Diamond Buying Establishment in the United States.
Revolutionizing the Industry with the creation of "Luxury Pawn," Casino Miami is the industry leader in their massive Vegas-Style  South Florida headquarters where multi-million dollar loans and estate transactions are handled with the utmost professionalism and privacy.
"We are in a very unique position in South Florida where living the high-life with fast cars, mega-yachts, private planes and rare diamonds are just part of everyday life. This lifestyle is expensive....and with banking institutions making it tougher to borrow money...Casino Miami has supplied a massive demand."
With Grandiose Gold railings leading up the Red-Carpet stairway....a private jewelry showroom and offices inspired with Roberto Cavalli décor,
Casino Pawn is the mega-superstar of the Pawn Industry.


Casino Pawn with Miami Heat Dancers

VIP Clientele

Although the client list is guarded like The Hope Diamond for privacy and security, the Casino showroom flaunts the lifestyles of the Rich and famous with exotic cars, furs, diamonds, Signed art and jewelry and anything else your heart can desire in this "pay for play" Miami-lifestyle.
And if you are part of the A-list clientele (which every Casino Miami client is treated as such) or just require a little privacy for that multi-million dollar transaction, the Casino staff will invite you upstairs where private meeting offices furnished with the finest of everything, including rare bottles of Dom Perignon and Cristal Rose' will be served as negotiations begin.


Appraisals & Valuation

By understanding the formation of Gems as well as current market trends, our on-staff Graduate Gemologists (GIA) will examine and appraise your diamonds, gems, watches and jewelry.
"It is of utmost importance to understand... an Appraisal is only as good as its Appraiser."
Many "jewelers" who know how to sell jewelry are simply not trained in gemology and are unqualified when it comes to examining, evaluating and correctly appraising precious gems.  At Casino Miami, we have two 2nd-generation jewelry-family Graduate Gemologists trained exclusively in Gem formation and identification who can individually valuate your items. Having two gemologists on-staff as well as 1st generation elders who have seen everything in this industry is an absolute priceless resource when it comes to accurately valuing your gems and jewelry.


The Future

We, at Casino Miami truly believe that our pawn-model is the future of the industry. Our vision was simple: a professional, comfortable, elegant atmosphere where the largest loans are handled quickly with the utmost privacy and respect.
 "We  have never seen Private Airplanes, Exotic Cars, Entire home estates and Rare jewelry in the numbers we see today...and although home for Casino Miami is a Luxury Grandiose Estate....the 1st generation started over 40 years ago with humble beginnings."